The new challenges facing
the tyre industry


Increased sales. Larger and finer wheels. Greater variety in stock. Does getting more work have to have a downside in the form of strained backs, enlarged premises and greater business risks? No, Wheelsystem360 has the answers to the great challenges facing the tyre industry.

We put ergonomics into systems and have solutions for all lifting tasks in connection with tyre storage and wheel handling. Compared with traditional handling, you can reduce manual lifting operations by up to 90%. That means you can get more done during intensive seasonal peaks.

Our system for stacking tyres horizontally is as simple as it is smart, and the sample applies to the system for vertical storage. The systems contain solutions for all transfers that take place between the warehouse shelf and the workshop floor: stackers, lift trucks and carts accomplish all lifting and reloading tasks.

The systems are highly compact – you can store up to 44 wheels per square metre. They are available by leasing which means that you can develop the operation without tying up capital or locking the company’s credit facility. WS360 equipment has high second-hand value and is usually sufficient as security.

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