WS20 tyre stacking is more than just storage, it’s a complete system for ergonomic handling of tyres.

The trend towards ever larger wheels means that handling has become heavier and a greater source of strain. At the same time, the wheels take up more space. The Wheelsystem360 solution to the greatest challenge facing the tyre industry is tyre stacking, a warehouse system that provides greater space and reduces work.

In the shelving system for tyre storage, each set of tyres is stored horizontally on frames. Thanks to our tyre stacker and associated tyre cart, you can handle wheels without any manual lifting at all in the warehouse. Switching between them takes just a few seconds. In the workshop the tyre cart is parked so that the wheels remain vertical and can be rolled to the car. It couldn’t be easier.

Without pallet handling, hoists or stairs, handling becomes faster and considerably less of a strain on shoulders and backs. The system eliminates a large amount of lifting and manual operations. Comparisons show that with traditional vertical storage you have to handle each wheel at least 16 times more every year.


  • The concept builds up to seven tiers high with 28 wheels, depending on ceiling height. Electric drive is standard for seven tiers.
  • The supporting surface is adjusted in height to suit most wheels. The beams are divided at intervals of 50 mm and the arms are steplessly adjustable depending on the type and width of the tyre.
  • Aisle width is adapted to the warehouse premises. The recommended distance between racking is 1100 mm for manual stackers and 1300 for electric.
  • Installation can take place on concrete or asphalt.
  • All rack parts are supplied in galvanised steel.