Do you want all the ergonomic benefits of tyre stacking, but even more warehouse capacity – up to 44 wheels per square metre? If so, you should install Wheelsystem360’s compact warehouse for tyre stacking.

Mobile tyre stacking means mobile racking on rails, which is either cast into new floors or installed in milled-out grooves in concrete floors. Regardless whether you are planning for existing warehouse premises or are intending to build a new facility, mobile tyre stacking is a smart system for ergonomic tyre handling that meets the greatest challenge the industry faces: Ever larger wheels with heavier and more demanding lifting.

The sets of tyres are stored flat on frames and are handled with tyre stackers and tyre carts, without any manual lifting in the warehouse. Reloading is done within a few seconds. In the workshop the tyre cart is parked so that the wheels remain vertical and can be rolled to the car. It couldn’t be easier.

The level of safety for the system’s mobile racking is high, in accordance with class 2. Our racking trolley is fitted with an emergency stop button, and the corridors have optical sensors and an acknowledge button ensuring that the picking aisle is empty before transfer begins.


See product film on YouTube.


  • The concept extends up to seven tiers.
  • 11 tyre sets per square metre.
  • Trucks with electric drive or manual operation.
  • Easy to install in cast or milled grooves in concrete floors.
  • 2-year guarantee including site visit with system check on motor driven installations.