The WS300 tyre lift is a lift for handling vertical wheels, focused on an optimal working environment. It lifts a person and four wheels as far as 4.6 m. The tyres are loaded onto the lift and rolled into the racking with minimal manual handling. The lift is unique, is patented and in this version is also known as TyreAround.

The lift accommodates wheels up to 245 dimension and can be safely run forward and back in the fully hoisted position. The automatic raising/lowering function of the lifting table means that the ergonomic situation is always correct, irrespective of whether there is one or four wheels on the lift. The working height is always correct for the wheel handler: in both unloading and unloading, in both the raised and lowered positions.

Easy to manoeuvre
WS300 copes with an aisle width of only 80 cm. It is very easy to manoeuvre, is controlled with a one-hand joystick and has two speeds. At the end of the working day the lift is connected to an ordinary wall socket for charging.

There are several accessories such as tool baskets, fixing devices, etc.


The personal lift is made in three variants:

  • TyreAround drive motor (developed specially for tyre storage)
  • MoveAround with motor
  • PushAround without motor


  • Platform 0.45 x 0.60 m
  • Max load 120kg+100kg load Total 220kg,
  • Working height 4.65 m
  • Max lifting height 2.95 m
  • Weight 320 kg
  • Total width 0.76 m
  • Total height 1.94 m
  • Total length 1.3 m
  • Top speed 4/2 km/h (lowered/raised)
  • Batteries 2 x 75/64 Ah 12 V
  • Turning radius 1.3m
  • CE approved.